Urban Jewelry: Hot New Trend In 2021


Urban Jewelry is a term not often used anymore, but it's slowly becoming more popular. The reason for this is simple - it works. In a world full of loud, over-the-top jewellery, it's refreshing to look back and appreciate the simple elegance of urban jewelry. We're talking about intricately designed earrings, necklaces and pendants, as well as everyday wear such as bracelets, bangles and watches.


Think about it: there are so many different elements to urban jewellery that you're going to be amazed when you see just how varied it is. There are so many ways that these items can tie in with each other. You might start thinking of the colours and materials when you hear 'urban'. Well, there is no shortage of colour or materials either - think of the rich chocolate browns, silvers and golds that give the best effect. They're incredibly warm and vibrant and work extremely well with any outfit.


Now think about the shape of the necklaces and earrings. Is the style accented by thick chunky bangles? If so then you're in for a real winner. Thick chunky bangles are ideal for creating a slightly edgy look, whilst the smaller ones work perfectly if you want to give off the impression of being cool and hip. These are perfect to wear when you're out clubbing in the city!


What about the shape of your shoes? Are they slender and comfortable? Do they complement your figure? Do you want them to stand out or blend in with your outfit? As well as being functional, you need to consider whether the shoes complement the style that you're wearing.


The Best Types Of Urban Jewelry


You can get away with wearing most types of urban jewelry if you know how to wear it. However, if you don't know your fashion basics, then you can end up with jewellery that looks out of place. For example, if you're wearing big bold statement earrings you'll want to wear something more simple. On the other hand, if you have an odd piece of jewellery in a feminine shape, such as a delicate dangling chain or a pretty feminine pendant, then it will suit you better than a big bold bracelet.


Jewellery is all about personal choice. You don't want to be limited to trends. If you follow fashion trends too closely then you can very easily become monotone. Go with a little bit of variety and try out some different styles. Jewellery is as individual as you are, so take a chance and don't conform to the crowd.


The only other thing to consider when purchasing urban jewelry is how much you're willing to spend. This can vary dramatically depending on where you shop. Online jewellery shops offer some great deals but you may not find exactly the right thing when you arrive in person. If you're shopping on the local High Street, for example, you should have no trouble finding something that fits. But make sure you shop around and don't settle for second best.


Urban jewellery is the style to suit all occasions. From a casual party to a more formal event, you'll be able to find the perfect accessory. Take your time and browse through some jewellery stores online, and you'll certainly find something right for your outfit.


When purchasing your Urban jewellery, opt for something understated and elegant. You don't want to go overboard because chances are you won't wear it again. Choose something simple, classic and timeless. You'll be able to wear it casually or even for an evening out. One of the recommended urban jewelers is LAVINDREY.


Jewellery is an important accessory for your wardrobe. The age of the modern woman is a teenager, so you should take your time and buy jewellery that reflects that lifestyle. Don't let yourself be influenced by what you see in celebrity magazines or fashion campaigns. Jewellery has been available since ancient times and it's still relevant. If you want to fit in then make sure your jewellery matches your personality.


Fashion is always changing, so you should always update your look to keep up with the times. Try out some of the latest trends like pendants, earrings and rings to create a trendy look. This year Urban jewellery is all the rage, so you'll want to get out there and find some of the most unique Urban jewellery options. If you combine them with the right accessories, you're going to be stylish and hip.

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