How long does gold plated jewelry last? Plated gold jewelry has become a popular addition to jewelry collections and is offered in a variety of styles, designs, and sizes to fit any taste. Unlike gold or silver jewelry which is only good as it wears, gold plated jewelry has a longer useful lifespan. Gold plating options vary greatly based on the design of the piece and its intended application.

The answer depends on the way you care for it. Good maintenance can add years to the life of gold plated jewelry. The most important rule to remember when considering how long does gold plated jewelry last? Properly care for your jewelry! It should be cleaned or polished at least once a week, and stored in a soft, dry place such as your drawers or in a jewelry box.

There are many different ways in which you can care for your gold plated items. First, keep in mind that gold plated items are made of gold, so they will tarnish if not properly cleaned and maintained. You should always clean your gold plated jewelry with a mild soap and warm water. Never use anything acidic such as toothpaste or citrus-based cleaners. You should also avoid using ammonia-based cleaning products because they will strip the plating off of your gold filled items.

Next, you need to remember to store your gold plated jewelry in a soft velvet cloth. A soft cloth will allow your gold plated jewelry to breathe, and also prevents damage from occurring. Be sure to keep your gold plated jewelry out of direct sunlight, and never place it in the bathroom or near any tapestry curtains. Humidity and heat can cause gold plated jewelry to tarnish quickly.

If you want to know "How long does gold plated jewelry last?" then you should be aware of how delicate the plating on your gold pieces actually is. Because the gold plating is so thin, it is extremely vulnerable to damage from abrasion, heat, moisture, and chemicals, and if you do not take the proper precautions when handling your gold plated items, you may find yourself in trouble.

One of the best ways to avoid having to replace gold plated jewelry is to store them carefully, and only in velvet-lined velvet cloth. It is important that you keep your gold plated jewelry away from any acidic liquid such as orange juice, lemonade or other drinks. You should also be careful about the jewelry's plating material, and try to avoid touching the piece using your fingernails, as oils on your nails can be difficult to remove, even with some mild perfumes. Some people who have sensitive skin turn to jewelry that has been treated with a sunscreen. Others opt for an electroplate treatment, which removes traces of the plating from the jewelry, but leaves the natural color intact. The final option is a plating that has been coated with a lacquer, and in this case, care must be taken to protect the jewelry from exposure to the UV light from a sunny beach, as the lacquer may fade over time.


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